Chapter 0: Review (No Spoilers)

Never trust a title alone when you're online and deciding what to click.

[A Fresh Review Right After Playing (No Spoilers)]

Because there are useless idiots hiding all over the internet in titles that seem ordinary at first glance.

Let your guard down for a moment, and you're quickly done for.

Take, for example,

[...These guys are the real villains, and the only allies who stay with the protagonist till the end are Yuli, Siel, and Lien.

A review?

Forget it.

What's the point in playing the game when you've already seen the whole story?

Just give up and quit, you fool LOL]

Just like I've been spoiled about the game just now.

"What kind of pathetic loser does something like this?"

Grinding my teeth, I turned off my phone. Is this person really that devoid of things to do?

Who's going to pay them for spoiling things with such a meticulously crafted bait post?

I couldn't wrap my head around it with any sort of normal logic.

'...And I was looking forward to this game.'

A disaster brought on by my complacent thought of checking the reviews before playing.

The return was disastrous.

The sequel to the game that had been the masterpiece of my life.

I had pre-ordered the version that came with extra perks for additional money, only to have it ruined by one infuriating person.

I sighed deeply as I filled out the reason for the refund.

Though I'd get back a sum over 100,000 won, the disappointment of missing out on a game I had highly anticipated was greater.

I had even cleared my schedule for two days straight to finish the game without interruptions.

And to add insult to injury, the reviews I sneaked a peek at were all glowing, claiming it was a 'Game of the Year' contender and that not pre-ordering it was like missing out on half of life.

'...Should I just try it for an hour?'

That thought crossed my mind eventually.

It wasn't such a bad option, after all.

It was a new release I had been eagerly waiting for, and if it felt off midway, I could still ask for a refund.

As long as I didn't play over two hours, a refund was always an option.

So, why not just have a taste?

With that light-hearted mindset, I pressed the play button on the game...


I was swallowed into an abyss of pitch-black darkness.


-You pathetic loser. Got nothing better to do?

A malicious comment on a baiting spoiler post.

Angry replies began to appear shortly after someone left that comment.

└Just ignore it and play. This is a fake spoiler.

└Both the hero and villain names are switched up, and the summarized story is a mess. Just play without worrying about it.

Unfortunately, the original commenter would never see these replies.

It was inevitable.

For he was no longer of this world.


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