Chapter 0 - Prologue

What on earth is happening?

In the dark of night, I found myself standing before a girl, her clothes barely clinging to her. My hand was gripping hers, effectively restraining her, while she looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

...What in the world is this situation?

“Sob, sob...!”

The sound of sobbing filled my ears. No matter how I looked at it, this situation was far from normal. Something was terribly wrong. I felt a chill run down my spine.

It seemed she was struggling to accept this reality, unable to offer any resistance other than her suppressed sobs.

Without understanding why I was here, it was clear that this scene could easily be mistaken for that of an attempted sexual assault.

Startled, I quickly released the girl’s arm and stepped back. Even with her restraints removed, she seemed too weak to even attempt an escape.

Only then did I get a clear view of the girl. Her hair was a flawless, radiant silver, appearing even more intense as it seemed to absorb the moonlight.

Beneath the silver hair were deep purple eyes, endlessly shedding clear tears without focus. Looking into her face brought a flood of memories rushing into my mind.


It felt like being swept away by a torrent of memories. Whose memories were these?

‘Prah Lancel’

A name from the memories. No, it was impossible not to recognize.

Prah Lancel was the quintessential villain from a nameless novel I had written about ten years ago, purely for my own reading, as I couldn’t find a book to read at that time.

As soon as I recalled that name, the pieces of the situation began to fall into place.


With a resigned chuckle, I let out a hollow laugh.

It seems I've somehow possessed a character in my novel. And not just any character, but the one set up as the final boss for the early part of the novel and attempted r*pist of the main heroine, Aris Winslet.

...Damn it.

Why, of all times to be possessed, did it have to be at this point, why did it have to be this novel, and why did it have to be this character?


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