Chapter 35: Above the guy who runs, there is the guy who flies (2)

The true value of a news article lies in its ability to provoke. A little digging on the internet would reveal as much.

In the end, it’s the sensationalism that really counts.

No matter how meaningful the content, if it doesn’t provoke, people simply won’t pay attention.

This is even more true if you’re a terrorist group trying to incite others. In such cases, conscience and journalism hardly matter.

So, let’s throw in all the provocative elements we can.

‘Children make for a good target.’

Crimes involving young victims are perceived as particularly vile.

Torture, r*pe, murder—I briefly pondered which direction to take. But the answer was always clear.

‘Just do them all.’

I quickly explained the scenario of illusion magic to Siel.

This would be used as evidence footage.

A loud declaration to be made here.

And the video to be played alongside it would be left here through magic.

After hearing my scenario, Siel recited the spell with a vacant expression. Shortly, a snuff-like video was crafted right before my eyes.

...I felt nauseous.

There’s a limit to how grotesque something can be.

It was almost unbearable for someone of modern sensibilities like me.

But… it was a success in its own right.

‘After all, the video was meant to be repulsive.’

It would be a problem if it were pleasant to watch.

It’s crucial material intended to send the empire’s reputation plummeting.

“But what if someone eventually realizes this is all fake?”

While reviewing the video, I smacked the back of Lien’s head to bring her back to her senses, and she asked that question.

Certainly, it wasn’t without merit.

Siel’s skills were impressive. The illusion magic was crafted with great finesse.

But, illusion magic is just that—an illusion.

Eventually, a close look would reveal that this video was manipulated.

“That’s okay. As long as it spreads among all the citizens of the empire, that’s all that matters.”

There’s nothing like the internet in this era.

There are spells for transmitting videos, but not many can use such magic.

Naturally, rumors and information mostly spread through primitive methods.

Word of mouth.

Thus, it’s sufficient to let people know that the empire has done some insane, screwed-up things!

The empire might claim that this information is false.

And some might say this video has been manipulated.

But, it’s definitely provocative.

People are instinctively drawn to sensational content.

Just look at conspiracy theories to see what I mean.

Even in such an advanced era, where logical evidence can be found with a few keystrokes, conspiracy theories thrive.

Because they’re sensational.

A story about an imperial knight who raped, abused, tortured, and dismembered a noble child.

It would be strange if such a sensational story didn’t spread quickly.

Before debating whether it’s real or fake, it’s almost certain that all the citizens of the empire will hear this news.

“After all, no one believes what the empire says anymore.”

This adds the dilemma of the boy who cried wolf.

Even if the empire claims that this is false information or an illusion crafted by magic, it doesn’t matter.

All kinds of provocative articles.

Who would believe the words of an empire that has always been lying?

People are smarter than you think.

There’s nobody who doesn’t know that the imperial newspapers are full of nonsense.

They just keep quiet because speaking out would mean death.

This accumulated karma will now work in my favor. No matter how much the empire tries to clarify, no one will believe them.

‘Besides… with this level of completion, it could easily be mistaken for the real thing.’

The nobility, capable of influencing people.

Guests who escaped from the black market are probably around here.

It hasn’t been that long yet.

And if they see our video from afar, naturally they won’t be able to discern its authenticity.

In other words, this video will be accepted as an absolute truth within noble society.

Well, even if there are no nobles nearby to witness the video, it doesn’t matter.

I know how to use the magic for transmitting videos.

I can pretend to be a witness, film from a distance, and send it anonymously to the nobles.
After that, they’ll spread it among themselves.

“That’s how it is!”

Lien nodded exaggeratedly.

Based on what I’ve seen, that expression definitely doesn’t mean she understood the situation.

But it seemed a bit much to ask, ‘You didn’t get it, did you?’ So, I just played along.

‘This might work better than I thought.’

A smile naturally formed on my lips.

The empire, already unpopular among the commoners, will become even more disliked.

Among the nobles, the realization that they too are merely expendable will spread.

This means that more nobles will be inclined to cooperate with the Black Fangs.

Those seeking their own benefit will start to join hands with the Black Fangs.

And such support will be a tremendous help to the Black Fangs.

‘I should probably get paid by the leader of the Black Fangs for this.’

Considering the impact of just a few impersonations, it’s an extremely effective deal. From the perspective of the Black Fangs, it’s a profit like no other.

It’s almost to the level where I might deserve a bow.

Maybe I’m more suited for revolution than I thought.

Should I team up with the Black Fangs and start a revolution if we manage to prevent the world’s destruction?

With such frivolous thoughts, I casually left the black market.


“What did you say?”

The man, the second prince of the empire, furrowed his brow.

The reason was quite simple.

A new report had surfaced.

Somewhere in the black market, a spell that would activate over time had been discovered.

The man’s face, lost in thought, soon turned pale.

It was somewhat expected.

He was, after all, quite competent.

Understanding what was about to happen was easy for him.

‘Black Fangs...’

The man nervously bit his lip.

He could taste the bitter blood.

How much more must they interfere to be satisfied? Once again, they had played him.

It was as if they were saying, “You’re merely playing in the palm of my hand,” using his plans against him to launch an attack.

They would probably expose the truth of this incident. They would strike first to control public opinion.

‘...It must be stopped.’

At any cost, it had to be stopped.

If public opinion worsens, there’s a possibility.

The possibility that traitors will gather around the Black Fangs.

That is something that must be avoided at all costs.

But how?

There’s no holy grail in his possession.

The spell will manifest soon.

He had ordered the spell to be neutralized, but there were no signs of it being undone.

Instead, the only reports were that someone who had tampered with the spell had gone mad and committed suicide by stabbing themselves in the head.

As if to show off, the corpse bore the unmistakable mark of the Black Fangs, just like before.

In this situation.

There was only one action the man could take.

His face twisted more viciously than ever before.

“I’ll make a contract.”

It was inevitable.

In his worldview, where everything exists solely for him and all else is but tools, the thought of offering his soul to a demon was more distasteful than anything else.

However, there was no other way.

Even if he sacrificed someone else’s soul, the curse he intended to cast could not be cast otherwise.

The children imbued with divine power served purposes beyond mere holy relics.

Holy water made from grinding them up—a substance capable of elevating the quality of one’s soul.

His soul, having consumed this multiple times, was likely the most valuable thing in this world.

To cast the curse, such a sacrifice was necessary.

Soon, an ominous demon appeared before the man.

“This contract will cost you dearly.”

“I know that already, so shut up.”

Despite the man’s sharp retort, the demon only smiled, as if amused by watching his fate unfold.

Twenty percent of his soul.

Certainly a large portion.

But not an unbearable risk.

He was different.

Not like the common criminals scattered around him.

He wasn’t one of the fools who depended on contracts with demons and ended up entirely in their grasp.

With this assurance, the man completed the final verification steps.

“Are you certain the curse can be cast?”

“Of course.”

As soon as those words were spoken, the man clasped hands with the demon.

The contract was sealed.

The demon smiled ominously, as if anticipating something.


A curse is placed upon you.

Curse details: Information spread by the leader of the Black Fangs or their group will never be recognized in the world.

...The spiritual rank of the Archdemon Asmodeus, who cast the curse, is far inferior to yours.

The curse dissipates.

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