Chapter 38: Above the guy who runs, there is the guy who flies (5)

Inside a splendid mansion, Kishua was lost in thought while sipping tea.

The reason was remarkably simple.

The Black Fangs.

It was because of the video they had spread.

That video had quickly thrown the empire into turmoil.

Of course, to avoid falling out of favor with the imperial eyes, no one dared to openly speak of it.

Yet, there was no one who didn’t know of it.

The empire was more chaotic than ever before.

‘This time, they definitely crossed the line.’

It was evident from the deteriorating public opinion among not only the commoners but also the nobles.

‘Of course, those guys must have had their reasons.’

Perhaps those connected to the leadership, or truly high-ranking nobles, had been forewarned about the black market terror incident.

They would have been advised not to go there.

Moreover, no one plans with the expectation of failure.

The empire probably never imagined that this incident would come to light.

But the plan was completely exposed.

Various excuses are being made, but no one believes them.

It has become an accepted fact that the empire, disguised as the Black Fangs, orchestrated the terror that massacred the people.

‘Well, if it had just been that, it could have been somehow smoothed over.’

Despite the worsening public sentiment, the empire is still the empire.

Even the haughtiest noble can’t help but be cautious before the empire.

The massacre shown in the video.

Especially the fact that the target was a noble’s child.

It was certainly horrific.

But it wasn’t the first time the empire had done something similar.

After all, no fool would dare express their dissatisfaction directly to the empire.

Those who could have the power to do so would have been informed beforehand, so they would have no reason to harbor any grievances.

As time passes, things are gradually forgotten.

This incident would have likely ended up the same way.


The current situation was a bit different.

If one think about it, they can see why.

‘It’s not just the video itself, but the fact that it spread that’s crucial.’

The unprecedented chaos that has arisen in this noble society was undoubtedly exacerbated by that fact.

The video itself was shocking, but compared to the unbelievable situation of its successful dissemination, the content seemed almost trivial.

‘…The Black Fangs.’

A revolutionary organization constantly terrorizing the empire.

Like any group that had risen against the empire, it was expected to soon fade into the annals of history.

But this could not be ignored.


This video.

The fact that it had spread throughout the entire imperial society signified the empire’s defeat.

The empire, which used to eliminate those who opposed it with inscrutable powers, found that their methods did not work against the Black Fangs.

‘How did they manage it?’

As the enemies of the empire faced their end, Kishua analyzed and came to a conclusion.

There must be some means within the empire for altering perceptions.

Unnaturally vanished nations.

Strange historical gaps.

And the headaches that came whenever he pondered such matters.

Kishua judged that something vast and secretive was intervening within the empire.

However… if secrecy was the measure, the other side was equally matched.

The Black Fangs were still spreading their wings.

This meant that they had discovered and understood the empire’s tactics, and simultaneously knew how to nullify them.

Reaching this point in thought, most astute nobles would consider.

The Black Fangs might not be such a bad option after all.

Their power is immeasurable.

Anyone who had reviewed the outline of the black market incident could see this.

The power of the Black Fangs was so formidable that even the Archmage could be overwhelmingly subjugated.

‘Plus, they are quite clever.’

While not personally receiving the video like the nobles, the common folk knew of its existence too.

In places beyond the capital, out of reach of the empire’s surveillance, the appearance of the video in the sky had become a well-known story.

Kishua had also acquired and watched the video.

It dealt with the massacre by the imperial knights as usual, but this time it highlighted that the victims were children rather than nobles.

Considering the audience’s potential resentment towards the nobility, it skillfully shifted the focus.

The Black Fangs were more adept at propaganda than expected.

Everyone would keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their heads if they spoke against the empire.

The public sentiment towards the empire was probably worse than ever before.

‘Perhaps, they might actually pull it off.’

The empire’s mysterious methods did not work this time.

The scale of the organization or its members’ identities had yet to be revealed, but their might was certainly proven.

In terms of intelligence and propaganda, they had surpassed the empire.

How such a group suddenly emerged without any warning was a mystery, however…

Setting aside everything else, it is undoubtedly an attractive option.

‘If the revolution succeeds…’

The power that follows would naturally belong to the heroes of the cause.

Those who clung to the empire would face a dire end as a new era begins.


Something is about to happen.

Many cowards will choose to observe from the sidelines or maintain neutrality as their refuge.

But the shrewd ones know.

Now is actually the perfect time.

It’s a chance for advancement.

An opportunity to reach the top of the pyramid.

If you wait until the last minute to side with the winning faction, you’ll end up despised by both and die in vain.

Better to quickly choose your side.

That’s why Kishua was agonizing over his decision.

Whether to stand with the empire or with the Black Fangs. The quicker the decision, the better.

And the conclusion he has drawn from sizing up the situation thus far... is that the Black Fangs appear more appealing.

It’s strange.

Kishua, a highly esteemed noble, had not been informed about the black market incident this time.

Ordinarily, it wouldn’t make sense to consider such a perilous option as siding with traitors.

The empire is still the empire, after all.

There’s a safer way to maintain your status. Choosing otherwise would be illogical.

Yet, strangely, he couldn’t shake off his thoughts about the Black Fangs.

After some deliberation, Kishua realized something.

‘…Could it be?’

Perhaps the Black Fangs intended this all along.

To provoke such a reaction.

There might have been a hidden purpose behind sending the video of a noble child being dismembered.

Initially, he thought it was just standard propaganda.

The gruesome death of a child would naturally engender resentment towards the empire.

He assumed it was merely a video meant to incite anti-imperial sentiment.

But… there might be another intention involved.

Anyone who has seen this video would have thought about it at least once.

That could have been me.

I could have died as pointlessly as that child.

Despite the plans for such an event at the black market, I received no warning.

That could have been my fate.

In the end, I’m just expendable, too.

Kishua himself thought this without going any further.

Seeing this, anyone would inevitably realize.

They too are just pawns, always at risk of being sacrificed by someone.

Even if you are a noble with blue blood, there are always those above you.

And when people start thinking this way, the Black Fangs present a solution as if they had been waiting.

Join us.

Reach the true top of the pyramid with us.

Not to be ruled, but to rule.

Kishua’s face was stricken with shock.

He was already well aware of the Black Fangs’ might.

But he had never imagined they would be so adept in this respect too.

They were manipulating people’s psychology very naturally, so subtly that even Kishua himself hadn’t noticed.

‘What kind of monster are they…?’

With just this one video.

The Black Fangs had shaken the empire.

Initially, he thought it was merely propaganda to instill anti-imperial sentiment among the people.

But the deeper he dig, the more apparent the hidden political intentions become.

What kind of mindset must one have to manipulate the human heart so freely?

What kind of superhuman is the leader of the Black Fangs?

It was beyond normal understanding.

But if there’s one thing he know.

“…I should attempt to make contact.”

It was clear where he needed to align himself.

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