Chapter 40: Prove Your Resolve (2)

‘What the hell did Asher give me?’

I couldn’t help but think that.

This scam is unlike any other. It’s called the Gospel of the Future, but it says something like that?

How is it any different from those fortune-telling apps on the application store?

It’s just meaningless nonsense.

‘I guess I can’t get a refund...’

I wanted to lodge a long complaint right away. But nothing would change even if I did.

[Sometimes, it is better not to know, So blind your eyes until the day you are destined to understand everything.]

In the end, I sighed as I looked at that meaningless instruction again.

‘Well, I kind of expected this.’

After all, this was something used by the villain in the previous work.

Used goods are used goods, and the gospel had less than half a page left.

The rest was filled with content about the plans the villain had carried out in the previous work.

So the instructions couldn’t be specific.

There was only enough space for three or four lines.

If the prophecy detailed the future, it would naturally exceed the page.

‘Besides, prophecies are usually vague anyway.’

At first, you have no idea what it means, but at the crucial moment, you realize its true meaning.

There’s rarely a more clichéd trope.

In that sense, such vague hints and instructions are rather classic.

‘So how am I supposed to interpret this?’

In the end, there was only one thing I could do in this situation.

Since I can’t undo what’s already written, I have to make use of it somehow.

I started trying to guess the meaning again as I looked at the text.

Sometimes, it is better not to know, So blind your eyes until the day you are destined to understand everything.

Those were the two things in the text.

……The more I looked at it, the more absurd it seemed. Especially the first part.

It’s better for me not to know, so keep my eyes closed.

It’s telling me that I don’t know something, and that finding it out would be detrimental to me.

‘What kind of situation would lead to that?’

I’m missing some crucial fact, and because of that, things are actually going better.

Does that even make sense?

I couldn’t grasp how such a situation could ever occur.

‘But doesn’t this mean I’m not supposed to guess?’

Since it said it’s better for me not to know.

In the end, my only choice was to live as if I hadn’t seen this prophecy.

Eventually, if I wait, the day the prophecy speaks of will come.

And at the right moment, I’ll understand everything.

It’s somewhat ironic.

I used the gospel to solve my questions, but instead, I ended up with more questions.

‘I guess I should just be thankful it didn’t say anything ominous.’

At least it didn’t say you would never achieve your goal or that the world would end and you would die horribly, urging you to commit suicide.

‘That’s what it said in the previous work.’

It told the villain they would die to the protagonist no matter what, and even gave instructions on how to kill themselves as painlessly as possible.

Compared to that, this is nothing.

This means my future might be more positive than I thought.

I have a slight chance to prevent destruction and reach the happy ending I want.

Just knowing that is enough.

The hopeless feeling has eased a bit.

‘Honestly, it’s a shame I couldn’t find out the trigger for the destruction.’

Like who the villains are and that I should kill them.

Or if I kill certain people, I can deal with the final boss more easily.

I expected that kind of content, so it’s hard to shake off the disappointment.

‘But I did gain some valuable information.’


The existence of this gospel tells me another fact.

‘There was definitely a previous hero.’

If you skim through the pages of the gospel, the character presumed to be the previous protagonist is mentioned several times.

However, for some reason, the name part was strangely erased.

Considering that locals like Rubia, Siel, and Lien had never heard of the previous hero…

The conclusion was simpler than I thought.

Some sort of cognitive alteration occurred.

For some reason, the hero was erased from this world by someone.

This is a timeline that doesn’t fit any of the original routes.

Knowing this, it’s easy to predict who is behind it.

‘What the hell did the Empire do?’

When something goes wrong, nine times out of ten, blaming the Empire is spot on.

I couldn’t pinpoint the method even after digging through all my knowledge of the previous work. But it was clear who did it.

‘I need to investigate the Empire further.’

But... unfortunately, it was hard to find a reliable source of information.

Miss Rubia mentioned that her relationship with the Empire soured after she canceled the medicine deal last time.

She intervened and disrupted a shady deal between the Empire and the hidden forces, which left a mark on her.

And she’s the last person you’d think of as a spy. Given her personality, it would be stranger if she were capable of espionage.

‘Do I have to put this on hold?’

I concluded so, but...

It was strange.

I had a weird hunch.

Someone with ties to the Empire, who wanted to cooperate with me, and had some skill in acting and politics.

A bizarre intuition that this person would walk right up to me.

‘Is this for real?’

I couldn’t help but doubt the performance of the whispering earring. It should have a function to enhance intuition.

Yet for some reason, it didn’t seem any different from last time.

I kept grasping at straws in a strange way.

Is my intuition so bad that even when enhanced, it’s only this good?

It was a mystery.


After finishing organizing the artifacts, I called Miss Rubia and Lien.

I didn’t just get artifacts from the black market.

Thirty children.

I needed to discuss what to do with the rescued slaves.

Siel was still recuperating.

I didn’t want to bother her while she was resting, so I decided to talk with the two of them.


“Why are you so nervous?”

I noticed Miss Rubia looking extremely tense.

We were just discussing things over breakfast.

Anyone would think Cthulhu was sitting at the table.

“N-no, I’m not nervous!”

Miss Rubia denied it, but it was obvious.

Honestly, I can’t read her at all.

‘I thought she might be scared of me, but that wasn’t it.’

Every time we talked, she reacted strangely, so I stupidly wondered if she was afraid of me.

I even told her I had no intention of harming her, that I was always grateful to her. I said she could tell me anytime if she felt pressured, and I’d fix anything that made her uncomfortable, swearing it on my mana.

But that didn’t work either.

‘Now I just hope throwing money at the problem will work.’

I don’t know what’s bothering her, but hopefully, she’ll feel better if she sees some money multiplying.

I decided to get back to the main topic and started talking about the children.

There were a lot of decisions to be made.

I had to take responsibility for and train thirty children.

Of course, I had no prior experience with this. We had to put our heads together to make a lot of decisions.

So this might be more challenging than I thought.

That’s what I thought when we started the discussion.

‘…What is this?’

What followed was completely unexpected.

Miss Rubia, who always seemed clumsy and odd, suddenly laid out various plans with a sharp look in her eyes.

She seemed like a completely different person.

Everything was handled quickly and perfectly.

We swiftly settled all the complicated details, like training locations and schedules.

All I did was mention the prestigious family training methods I’d seen in the previous work.

Just that, and everything fell into place.

‘…She really is a successful businesswoman for a reason.’

She may seem clumsy, but when it comes to work, she’s incredibly professional.

“Th-then, is that everything?”

Miss Rubia asked me after wrapping everything up in no time.

Still in shock, I hesitated for a moment...

I quickly collected myself and spoke up.

“No, the most important part is still left.”

It was only natural.

Those slave kids still thought I was the leader of the Black Fangs.

Back then, it couldn’t be helped due to the circumstances, but now I had to set things straight.

Moreover, if the prestigious family training methods I gained from the previous work were leaked, it could cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

I’d prefer if no one quit halfway through, if possible.

So I had to use this opportunity to confirm their willingness to participate again.

We needed to make sure they were truly ready to join us completely and that they were prepared for it.

“We need to properly inform them about us and confirm their resolve.”

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