Chapter 48: The Black Fangs Shelter (1)

Naming the blind girl,

Siel’s sudden declaration of the right to wish.

Unexpected events happened one after another, but I steadfastly did what I needed to do.

I taught the children methods to increase their magic power whenever I had the chance,

And at the same time, I found a blacksmith to repair the holy sword. (Of course, I made them swear an oath for safety.)

Along with honing my own combat abilities, these were my hectic days.

Even today, there was no rest on my schedule.

Yet, a smile naturally spread across my face.

It was only natural.

Who doesn’t like money?

Seeing money multiply in real-time would make anyone happy.

I quickly entered Miss Rubia’s room.

With a creak, the door opened.

Miss Rubia, who had just woken up, was stretching in her pajamas, and our eyes met.

With drool still at the corner of her mouth, it was obvious she had just woken up.

How could someone be so disheveled?

I had such trivial thoughts as I called out to Miss Rubia.

No, I was about to call her.

The moment our eyes met, before I could say anything, Miss Rubia’s face filled with bewilderment.

“I-I’m sorry...! For presumptuously testing the children...”

Miss Rubia suddenly started fumbling and floundering backward, then fell on her butt and collapsed on the floor.

Even if Cthulhu suddenly burst into her room, she wouldn’t react this way.

This was an overreaction.

“From the start, Miss Rubia... what do you think of me?”

I sighed as I spoke.

I had indeed scolded her before for hurting the children, but I never cursed or acted violently towards her.

Yet, seeing her reaction, one would think I had threatened to kill her.


Miss Rubia apologized sincerely. Though I was dying to ask what exactly made her so afraid of me.

Honestly, I couldn’t say much because there were things I was guilty of too.

Lien and Siel were the weird ones, but from an objective perspective, I was quite an odd existence myself.

Knowing things that no one else could know, acting in rather extreme ways, and commanding strong individuals like Siel and Lien without batting an eye.

To Miss Rubia, I must seem even more mysterious than the leader of the Black Fangs.

But I couldn’t explain all this to her. Telling her I came from another world or that I had knowledge of the original story would make her think I was even crazier.

This is truly the tragedy of all transmigrators.

Without the ability to explain the background knowledge of the original story, people around me were bound to misunderstand me as something strange.

‘It would be a waste not to use the knowledge of the original story, though.’

In the end, I had to slowly spend time making this overreacting lady understand that I was just a good citizen.

How to reassure such a frightened person was a daunting task, but it wasn’t something I needed to worry about right now.

“Follow me. I’m thinking of properly starting the potion business I mentioned last time.”

Even after I said that, Miss Rubia still looked blank.

She usually switched to a sharp, cold demeanor when she was doing her job.

I expected her to quickly regain her composure once her switch was flipped.

But she reacted in this strange way.

…There could only be one reason.

“…Don’t tell me you didn’t listen properly back then?”

“N-No! I listened! I remember everything!”

Her response, the cold sweat running down her neck, and her pale skin. Even if you were oblivious, you could figure it out at this point.

‘You weren’t listening, were you?’

I had explained everything in detail at the black market.

She had nodded her head, but was thinking about something else.

A sense of foreboding came over me.

Was she really a suitable business partner?

She seemed very competent based on her occasional eloquence and her demeanor when discussing her primary job.

How could someone be so capable yet so unreliable at the same time?

With a deep sigh, I led this lady, who acted far too immature for her age, forward.


Rubia followed the commander, sweating profusely.

Her mind was racing with all sorts of delusional scenarios.

‘I took in a villain like you, thinking you could be of help. It seems I was mistaken. No more words; prepare to die!’

The scenarios varied, but they all ended the same way.


For the crime of being a uselessly troublesome woman without any abilities, she would be sentenced to death.

“Honestly, I don’t remember what you said last time, but I’m very competent! Truly, I am! You will definitely need me if you’re starting a business!”

So, Rubia desperately tried to sell herself from behind.

“...I see. That’s really impressive.”

However, what she received in return was a gaze filled with a bit of pity.

It was as if he was looking at someone a bit mentally off, a pitiful person. Apparently, she had made a fuss all by herself this time.

Rubia’s face turned red, ready to burst.

There’s a limit to how embarrassing something can be.

She felt like biting her tongue out of shame.

...Well, seeing that reaction, at least it didn’t seem like he was planning to dispose of her.

That was a relief, at least.


With that sound, the door opened.

It was the commander’s room.

Inside, it was filled with all sorts of materials that the commander had gathered using the kids the other day.

It felt like a laboratory.

“To explain once again, I plan to mass-produce and sell elixirs.”


Even in this situation, where she was trying to prove her usefulness, such a dumbfounded reaction was inevitable.

Mass-producing elixirs?

What kind of nonsense was that?

“Without something like the World Tree, that’s impossible.”

“We have the World Tree, don’t we?”

But in response to her logical point, the commander once again spouted bizarre nonsense.

And then he pointed to a bundle of silver hair.

“We can substitute it with that.”

She had a rough idea of what it was.

Elf hair. It’s a material that has been suggested a few times as a substitute for the precious ingredient, World Tree leaves, used in elixirs.


“You can’t replace World Tree leaves. Everyone who tried has failed.”

“No, it’s been done.”

With those words, the commander grabbed a handful of the elf hair.

“It’s not widely known, but someone succeeded about 300 years ago.”

She wondered just how old he was, but didn’t voice it.

There must be a reason why he maintained the appearance of a boy.

There was no need to dig into the secrets of such a transcendent being.

“The World Tree’s power is definitely imbued in this. People just don’t know how to extract it.”

With those words, the commander brought the still-burning demon horn close to the hair.

Then, from the elf hair, a golden liquid began to flow.

“When you expose it to something that emits strong magic, it releases the World Tree’s power embedded within it for protection.”

“The reason this hasn’t been discovered until now….”

“It’s because this horn is rarer than you think. Plus, the hair needs to be pre-treated in various ways. It would have been hard to discover such complex conditions by chance.”

‘…If it’s so difficult, then how are you talking about it so casually?’

This is like the ultimate dream of every alchemist.

Having achieved something like this, why are you acting so nonchalant?

Rubia held back her words.

He was practically advertising himself as something close to a god rather than a human.

At this point, she doubted if he even intended to keep it a secret.

But for now, it was best to play along.

“And… the important thing is the cost difference when substituting World Tree leaves with this material.”

A statement that could not be ignored reached Rubia’s ears.

In an instant, her expression turned serious.

It was natural.

Value assessment.

Determining whether this would be profitable or not.

It was a field where she prided herself on being second to none.

Rubia’s mind raced quickly.

And then….

Her jaw dropped.

The price of a single elixir often exceeded 1000 gold.

They were so rare they were nearly impossible to find.

But if elixirs were produced using that material...

The cost would be approximately 15 gold each.

In other words, would be duplicated.

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