Chapter 49: The Black Fangs Shelter (2)

‘No matter how many times I see it, I still can’t believe it.’

With that thought in mind, I looked at Miss Rubia.

Her attitude changed completely the moment we started talking business.

The clumsy noona, whose future I was always worried about, was nowhere to be found.

An intelligent gaze. A cold face.

Resting her chin on her hand, calculating profit and loss so thoroughly, she seemed to embody the very essence of the word “professional.”

Not long after Miss Rubia’s transformation...

“This is...”

Her mouth hung open in astonishment.

It was a natural reaction.

This one, the cost difference is roughly 50 times or more.

‘Maybe I was worried about Miss Rubia for nothing.’

All the materials I used were relatively unknown secondary materials.

But the fact that she could calculate the profit and loss so quickly led to only one conclusion.

She had all that information in her head.

All the related market prices.

“This is definitely profitable. No, it’s more than just profitable.”

Miss Rubia’s face was painted with shock.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t surprising.

Elf hair is a rare material, but not impossible to find. It’s not that there’s no supply at all.

Since no one knows its true value, the price isn’t that high. Plus, I know more potion recipes than just this one.

“We can make a fortune.”

Miss Rubia declared confidently.

Words coming from a proven, successful businesswoman who even owns this mansion.

I could tell that the simulation of this business was running precisely in her head.

‘I don’t have any experience in this field.’

The ancient alchemist scenario from the previous game’s side quest. When I played the game, all I did was unlock some useful recipes.

I never thought about mass-producing them and starting a business.

It was hard to go beyond just that thought.

I’ve never had any experience running a business.

Sourcing materials, sales methods, or marketing strategies.

How could I know those details?

‘I’m really glad I decided to partner with Miss Rubia.’

I can repay her for the help she’s given me while also gaining profit.

It’s a win-win situation.

As I smiled at that thought, Miss Rubia’s expression suddenly turned serious.

What’s going on with her?

As I looked at her with a puzzled face, Miss Rubia, looking pale, opened her mouth.

“This discovery is too revolutionary. It’s so revolutionary that it’s actually a problem.”

It was a serious tone.

The atmosphere naturally grew tense.

“How much are you planning to sell this for?”

Miss Rubia asked, wondering if we should go for a premium strategy or sell at a moderate price to maximize sales.

It was a simple decision for me.

“We should sell it at a reasonably fair price.”

Sure, profits might be a bit lower. But saving lives is more important.

If we were to gouge prices on a life-saving drug just to make money, how would we be any different from the detestable managers at the mining camp?

‘Besides, part of this plan is to increase my influence.’

Not just this elixir, but other potions as well—I could supply them at much lower prices with the recipes I know.

This is a chance to launch a nationwide potion business.

Providing potions to everyone at a fair price.

Saving countless lives who couldn’t afford treatment, and increasing my influence within the empire.

I shared my intentions with Miss Rubia.

Her expression grew even more serious.

“Do you know what kind of impact this will have?”

“Well, of course.”


This would shake the market to its core.

A monster selling all potions at less than one-tenth of the original price, and with better quality, would appear in the potion market.

The market would undoubtedly collapse.

All related businesses would be thrown into chaos.

Nobles involved in the business might even try to kidnap and kill us.

Though with Lien around, they’d be the ones worrying about being dismembered rather than us.


It was clear that this would significantly disrupt the empire’s society.

“How on earth should we...”

Miss Rubia bit her lip, deep in thought.

But this time, I think I can help.

Of course, I’m not a businessman.

‘Do we really need to solve this in a businessman’s way?’

A transmigrator has their own methods.

“We’ll just take over the entire potion market.”


“We absorb everything that exists. Bring it all under our control.”

Is there a need to go through the trouble of opening new branches or hiring staff?

We just make everything ours.

Not being confined to conventional thinking, using knowledge from the original and cheats to wreak havoc.

Isn’t that the essence of a transmigrator?

“Are you suggesting... killing everyone...?”

“...Miss Rubia, what do you think I am?”

How does this person perceive me inside her mind?

With these thoughts in mind, I continued speaking.

“Of course, we should resolve this through negotiations.”

Given the cheat that is my recipe, we hold the upper hand.

We’re in a position to dominate the market at will.

If we can convince them and offer good terms to come under our wing, most would gladly accept.

“If persuasion doesn’t work, we can resort to threats.”

This is a kind of charity work.

If potion prices drop, and my plan allows commoners easy access to potions, countless lives can be saved.

The conditions I’ll offer to existing merchants will be extremely generous.

The only ones likely to oppose are the owners of large corporations who have been making a fortune from the potion business.

I don’t intend to wipe out the bourgeoisie, but...

If a rich guy tries to hinder our efforts to save lives just to protect his profits, then, naturally, we might have to use a bit of intimidation.

“And if they ignore even the threats... let them do as they wish.”

If someone still wants to do business next to us when we’re offering a lifelong 90% discount on all items, that’s their choice.

In fact, I wouldn’t even stop them if they secretly sent assassins to eliminate us.

‘If they want to be chopped into 17 pieces by Lien, we should grant their wish.’


This is a perfect plan.

Despite the absurdity of being a transmigrator who never played the game, I’m fully fulfilling my duties as one.

A transmigrator should at least cause this much chaos.

With these thoughts...

“Th-that’s... brilliant! It’s truly a genius idea!”

I looked at Miss Rubia, who was trembling.

I was about to ask why she was suddenly shaking, but my mouth naturally stopped.

...Come to think of it.

This is a rather ruthless idea.

Taking over the entire potion business of the empire and declaring that I would deal with anyone who gets in my way.

It’s the kind of thing a shadowy organization boss might do.


Once again, I decided to set my conscience aside.

‘It’s all for saving lives, after all.’

There’s no solution if you worry about every little thing.

As a transmigrator, let’s do things boldly and decisively.


Rubia finally felt it.

The person in front of her was truly the leader of the Black Fangs.

The most terrifying secret organization lurking in the shadows, shaking the empire.

There’s a limit to the degree of one’s composure.

His way of thinking couldn’t be considered human.

...In a way, it was only natural.

He wasn’t a human but something wearing a human guise.

“I’ll use the most humane means possible. Don’t be too frightened.”

Something that couldn’t possibly be human was trying to imitate one, saying those words.

“I have critical weaknesses on people like Robin and Shiron. If we threaten them, there’s no need to kill anyone.”

He seemed to be trying to convey that he was a gentle person who disliked killing, like any ordinary human.

But it had the opposite effect.

‘How on earth does he know such things…?’

Claiming to have leverage over two giants dominating the empire’s economy, not just the potion business.

She couldn’t comprehend the mental state of a leader who nonchalantly brought up such things.

“That’s... a relief. It’s good to know it can end peacefully.”

In the end, Rubia had no choice but to play along with this monstrous leader’s game once again.

When will this leader stop pretending to be human?

Whether he was an evil god or a good god, it would be more comforting if he just revealed his true nature.

This clumsy act of pretending to be human was utterly terrifying.

Rubia trembled with fear but quickly pulled herself together.

‘I need to be of help!’

Despite being her area of expertise, she had been of no help at all.

Recently, she had only shown incompetence.

She had to make up for it somehow.

As Rubia quickly racked her brain...


She realized a critical issue.

With that scale and recipe, the money would naturally flow. But such endeavors often come with a price.

If the leader’s vision came true,

the widely distributed potions, once hoarded by wealthy nobles, would become accessible to all classes.

This would undoubtedly harm the livelihood of the Holy Church. People would prefer to use cheap potions rather than visiting the temple.

In other words, embarking on this business would likely antagonize the Holy Church.

As soon as Miss Rubia realized this, she urgently informed the leader.

However, the leader remained unfazed.

With his usual relaxed smile, he said,

“It’s okay. We were going to clash with them eventually anyway.”

Having erased the black market from existence last time, now it was the Holy Church’s turn.

... Rubia felt like she was about to faint.

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