Chapter 50: Introducing My Girlfriend (2)

On the day of the appointment, I came to the guild.

I was there to greet the people who worried about me and those who saved my life.

As I entered, a familiar scene greeted me.

Numerous leaders of various gatherers were examining documents,

and several guides were engaged in conversations with them.

It hadn’t been long, but experiencing death once made it all seem different.

Setting aside my thoughts, I walked to the same counter I always went to.

The guide, busy with paperwork, was Marshall.

I approached him.

“Are you busy?”

Marshall flinched at my voice and looked up at me.

Then he sighed in relief.

“Ha... Seriously...”

His reaction made me laugh.

I could imagine how worried he must have been.

“... You said you’d come back uninjured.”

“It doesn’t always work out that way.”

“Are you completely healed now?”

Since he worked at the guild, he must have heard about my injury.

Although my brother had taken my sword and completed the delivery, he probably didn’t hear detailed news about my condition.

I showed Marshall my left hand.

A hand that hung awkwardly.

The scar on my left arm also caught his attention.

Marshall alternated his gaze between my hand and face.

Seeing his puzzled expression, I explained.

“It’s stiff from aftereffects.”

Marshall’s face turned shocked.

Guilt washed over his features.

Seeing his expression, I hurriedly added.

“Oh, I’m in rehab. It’s okay. I can recover.”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would fully recover, but I wanted to lighten his burden.

Besides, if I had to bet money, I’d bet on my hand recovering.

I had felt mana several times during rehab with Lily noona.

However, despite my words, his expression didn’t soften easily.

I asked.

“It’s recorded as a successful mission, right?”

I already knew it was recorded as a success.

I just wanted to change the topic.

But it didn’t work on Marshall.

“... How did it end up like this?”

Realizing I couldn’t avoid this subject, I scratched my head awkwardly with my right hand.

“I got stabbed by the cursed sword.”

“I know that, but... We told you everything. The points to be careful of, the strategies.”

He seemed more upset about my hand than I was. He looked angrier than I did.

“What went wrong? Did your party’s mage mess up?”


Did Lily Noona mess up…

Absolutely not.

It was a special entity.

The fact that such a special entity couldn’t approach me and Luss even once until its dying breath was

Honestly, I expected to clash swords once or twice.

But Lily Noona pushed it until that monkey pretended to be dead.

Even someone like me, who doesn’t know much about magic, could see that she was the ace of this mission.

Failing to properly confirm whether the monster was dead or alive was everyone’s fault.

So, if we were to assign blame, most of it would fall on me.

“...Don’t talk badly about my party members.”

His criticism of Lily Noona didn’t sit well with me.

A brief silence followed.

My cold words calmed him down.

“In the end, it was my fault, Marshall.”

“...I’m sorry. I got too worked up.”

But I knew his intense reaction wasn’t coming from a bad place.

He was just upset seeing my condition.

It was easy to forgive his slip of the tongue.

“It’s okay. Also, I have something to tell you.”

“...What is it?”

“It was a special entity. That monster.”


At the mention of a special entity, the other guides glanced in my direction.

“It was using items stolen from other gatherers... Have you ever heard of such an entity?”

Marshall frowned and tapped his fingers on the desk slowly before responding.

“...No. This is the first time I’ve heard of such an entity.”

“Would you like me to explain?”

He stood up and gestured towards a room with his hand.

“Yes. Let’s go there. Please explain in as much detail as possible.”


After finishing my explanation, Marshall rubbed his chin.

“...It even used a scroll... This is a bit...”


“Hmm... This would have been very hard to predict.”

Marshall continued to ponder.

“And... if this monster used a scroll, its rating might need to be adjusted.”

He looked away from the document and at me.

“While it’s true that special entities are more dangerous than normal ones... they’re still rated the same. But this one might need to be classified as an A-rank monster.”



“I’m not certain. We’ll need to discuss it among ourselves.”

He sipped the tea he had beside him and continued speaking.

“The intelligence of these monkeys is too high, making them extremely dangerous. Depending on the items they plunder, their rating could vary greatly. From what you said, they seemed to know exactly how to use the scroll, right?”

I remembered the moment that monkey tore the scroll.

The monkey ripped the whirlwind scroll and immediately rode on the wind it created.

It was clear that it knew how to use the scroll.

“Yes, exactly.”

“I understand. We should wrap this up here. Mr. Starchis?”


“I’m glad you survived. This... This doesn’t seem like a B-rank monster. I apologize.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because it was my responsibility to ensure you didn’t encounter such entities.”

He was trying to take responsibility for things he didn’t need to.

It made me smile.

“Why is that your fault? It’s our fault for not being able to avoid that special entity. Don’t apologize.”

As I laughed, he smiled and extended his hand.

I reached out and shook his hand lightly.

As the conversation wrapped up, I spoke to him.

“Marshall, there’s actually another reason I came here today.”

“Oh... I think I can guess.”

He seemed to have an idea of what I was about to say.

“I wanted to talk to the people who saved my life. The leader of that party was named Reck, do you know him?”

“Reck? Yes, I know him. I’ll give you their address as you leave.”

“Address? I’d feel bad if I went to their home while they’re resting...”

Understanding the importance of rest, I didn’t want to disrupt his break.

Of course, I wasn’t planning to take up his whole day or anything, but unexpected visits can still be stressful.

“Oh, I don’t mean their home address.”

“Then what?”

Marshall looked at me curiously.

“You know when you see Mr. Stion. There is a base for B-class parties and above. I will give you the address of the base.”

Ah, a base.

I thought of my brother’s huge Aid Party building.

They even have a manager.

It seems that once you reach B-rank, you don’t rest at home when not in the dungeon, like the C or D ranks do.

They must get busier.

Well, I’ll know when I get there.

“Oh... right, a base. Yes, please give me the address.”

Maybe our party will need to establish a base too.


“Is anyone here?”

It looked like a small shop.

According to Marshall, this was the base of the party led by Reck.

“Who is it?”

A voice came from inside the shop.

Soon, a man in priestly robes appeared.

He looked at my face and spoke.

“Oh, it’s you. Are you alright?”

I didn’t know him, but he seemed to know me.

He must have been the one who saved me when I was unconscious.

I handed him the fruit basket I brought.

“Are you Mr. Reck? My name is Starchis. Thank you for saving my life.”

I bowed my head in greeting.

“Oh, I’m not Reck. My name is Shane.”

Shane held my shoulder and helped me stand up.

“Come in and let’s talk.”

Maintaining a stern expression, he entered the base first.

His expression reminded me of Vienna.

I wondered if all saints and priests were this stern.

I followed him into the base.

As soon as I entered, I heard a voice.

“Shane, who was it?”

“Come down and see.”

The base was spacious but empty.

I expected it to be filled with documents, equipment, or trophies like my brother’s base, but there was none of that. There were no party members in sight either.

Instead, there were tables and chairs arranged like in a pub.

Seeing that one wall was entirely covered with bottles, it seemed like a real pub.

In the corner, there was a staircase leading to the second floor.

I heard someone coming down from there.

A sturdy man appeared.

He looked around my brother’s age or older.

His skin, visible on his face and arms, was covered with small scars.

He looked at my face and spoke.

“Oh, it’s you. Are you alright?”

He said the same thing as Shane.

I repeated my words.

“Are you Mr. Reck? My name is Starchis. Thank you for saving my life.”

“Yes, I’m Reck. No need to thank me.”

Before I could bow my head, he approached and extended his hand.

I took his hand and shook it.

“I didn’t realize when you were unconscious or when I was carrying you... but you’re quite sturdy.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

He pointed to the side with his thumb.

“Shall we sit and talk?”

I nodded.


“Sit anywhere you like.”

I looked around.

It really did look like a pub.

“It looks quite like a pub here.”

I asked lightly.

“Haha... I decorated it that way. I love drinking.”

Reck replied.

“It’s fun to have friends over and drink here.”

I took a seat.

Reck spun a chair around and sat down, folding his arms over the backrest.

“Mr. Starchis... um... is it okay if I speak casually?”

I had no objections to him speaking casually with me.

He seemed older than me and was the leader of a B-rank party.

Maybe it was because he reminded me of my brother, someone I could see myself becoming.

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

“Alright. I’ll speak casually then. Let me know if it bothers you later.”

“No, it’s fine. You seem around my brother’s age, so it’s comfortable for me too.”

“Is that so? Thanks for saying that. Anyway, are you okay?”

“Thanks to you, yes.”

“And your arm?”

This time, Shane asked as he set a drink on the table and sat down beside me.

Both men looked at my arm.

“...There are some aftereffects, but I’m undergoing rehabilitation.”

“Oh dear...”

Reck sighed deeply.

“Mr. Reck, uh-”

“Call me Reck Hyung.”

“...Reck Hyung, I came here today to thank you. I heard you gave up your quest to save me.”

Reck Hyung took a drink from the glass Shane had brought, letting out a satisfied sigh. It seemed to be alcohol.

“...Saving a life comes first. Do you want a drink?”

“No, I have an appointment later.”

“Really? That’s too bad.”

He downed the rest of his drink in one go.

“Reck Hyung, I’m here to repay you for saving my life. Is there anything you need?”

Reck Hyung reached for my untouched glass, taking it with a sheepish smile.

“Haha... this is a first for me, so I don’t know what to ask for.”

“I’ll do anything I can within reason.”


Reck Hyung thought for a long time.

So long that I had to look around the room to pass the time.

Since Reck Hyung was silent, Shane spoke up.

“Ask for the reward they received for delivering the cursed sword.”

“Shane, that’s something they risked their lives to bring back.”

“And we saved their lives. Their reputation isn’t tarnished since they didn’t fail the quest. Settling it with money is clean for both sides.”

Reck Hyung looked at me after another long pause.

“Is that okay with you?”

“Yes. My party talked about it too. It’s fine.”

He took another drink and laughed awkwardly.

“Haha... it’s more honorable to save a life and refuse the reward, but honestly, giving up that quest hit us a bit. I hope you understand.”

“We’re the ones who should apologize.”

“Alright. Let’s settle it with that then.”

“Oh, Reck Hyung. It might take some time for the reward to come through. The cursed sword belonged to a special entity. They’re still examining it.”

“What? It belonged to a special entity?”

Reck was surprised.

Even Shane, who had been sitting quietly, raised an eyebrow at me.

“Yes, it did.”

“Haha... look at this kid, huh? Must have been something.”

“We nearly died, honestly. Haha.”

“Alright then. Just give us the standard market value for a regular cursed sword and you can keep the extra.”


Shane called his name softly but firmly.

“No, Reck Hyung. That’s not necessary.”

“I want to be a bit cool about it. Shane, this conversation is over.”

When Reck Hyung made his decision, Shane didn’t complain further.

I found that quite admirable.

Seeing the respect his party members had for him, and obeying his word without question, showed just how much they esteemed him.

“Thanks, Hyung.”

“Don’t mention it. Get your hand healed quickly. You said you have an appointment? You should get going.”

Reck Hyung got up from his seat and downed the remaining drink.


“Alright! Come back for a drink sometime!”

Reck Hyung bid me farewell, and Shane saw me out.

Shane walked me to the base’s entrance.

“Take care, Mr. Shane. See you next time.”

“Ah, Starchis.”

The normally silent Shane called out to me. His sudden words surprised me.


I wondered if he wanted to change his mind.

It wouldn’t matter much, but...

For someone like me, who valued life the most, the reward for the cursed sword wasn’t that important.

“You have a saint in your party, right?”

But it wasn’t the question I expected.

A saint in our party... That would be Vienna.

“Yes, we do.”

Mentioning my party member made me feel a bit more defensive.

“Does she... like anyone?”

He mumbled quietly.

Oh, so that’s what this was about?

I couldn’t help but smile. Despite his stern demeanor, he had feelings like anyone else.


I thought back.

-‘I do. And he’s more impressive than you.’

That was her response when I asked if she liked anyone.

“Yes, she does.”

“Ah... I see.”

“I thought you were the stoic type, but you’re quite straightforward.”

“...You have to seize opportunities when they come.”

I laughed at the thought of how Vienna would react to this.

Imagining her reaction made me chuckle.

After all, Vienna was as beautiful as a doll, and now she was the saint of a B-rank party.

She had no reason to feel inferior in any aspect, be it appearance or status.

Men would line up for her.

Shane visibly looked disappointed.

“It’s a shame, but... I have something else to tell you, Starchis.”

“Go ahead.”

“Think of this as just advice, but don’t let that saint go.”


“As a party member, you won’t find a healer like her easily. You were unconscious on the second day in the dungeon, right?”

“Yes, it was the second day.”

“And the battle happened then?”

“That’s correct.”

Shane shrugged. Having opened up a bit, he seemed more talkative.

“Purification isn’t easy. After using it once, I’m completely drained of holy power. You’ve never used holy power, so it might be hard to grasp.”

“...That’s true.”

“If it was the second day in the dungeon, she must have used a lot of holy power for buffs and other things before purifying and healing your chest...”

I nodded. Even without finishing his sentence, it was clear he was praising Vienna.

“She might have the potential to become an A-rank.”

That rank kept coming up today. Hearing Vienna being praised made me feel proud.


While Reck Hyung, Shane, and my brother all played a part in saving my life, it was primarily Vienna who saved me.

She is my greatest lifesaver.

Thinking back, I realized I hadn’t properly thanked her.

...I might have, but not formally.

I’ll make sure to thank her today.

“Thank you. I’ll keep your advice in mind.”

But A-rank, huh?

The thought that she’d be by my side when I achieved my dreams made me feel secure.

[ Author’s Note

It’s the weekend. Everyone, take a good rest. I think I’ll have a beer and get a good sleep for the first time in a while. See you next time! ]


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